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Expa (Peliosuuskunta Expa) is a game business co-operative, and an open community to everyone interested in game industry and game development. We are also the Official IGDA Finland Jyväskylä Hub.

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About Expa and Central Finland's Game Industry

About Expa

What is Expa?

Expa (Peliosuuskunta Expa) is a game company, cooperative, and an open community to everyone interested in game development. Expa’s goal is to advance the game industry in Jyväskylä and Central Finland. Furthermore, our aim is to establish a network connecting individual game developers and game companies, as well as bring together game industry workers.

Expa is also a local hub for IGDA (International Game Developer Association), which offers a wide national and international support network aside from the local one.

What does Expa do?

Expa’s monthly meetings (Expa Gatherings) bring game developers together to network, discuss and hype with each other. Professionals in the game industry often come to present their latest work or talk about current and interesting topics. Expa has organized a plethora of diverse activities, and also organizes different courses and training sessions when the need arises. Participating in Expa community activities does not require a membership but the membership can be useful, however, as members receive several discounts and can attend important game industry events.

In a nutshell, Expa is here to support game culture and game industry.

What kind of people is Expa for?

If you are interested in game development, game industry in Finland or games in general, come and enjoy Expa’s activities and become a member! We offer a diverse range of activities and no previous experience of game development or being part of the industry is required – it’s enough to be interested. All the game industry actives from programmers to graphic artists and teachers can benefit from Expa. The membership itself is worthwhile when you’re developing your own game, or you plan to release one, or even if you just want to participate in our workshops.

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